IDS Craneway Door System
After many hours of research and engineering we have found a solution to your crane-way door system

The benefits to our system:
a) Extremely cost effective compared to other craneway systems
b) Door is insulated (R-value = 6.7) and completely finished (other systems require siding material added to
the base door frame)
c) All Components are motorized (unlike other systems with ground-high
manual swinging or sliding load
d) The ground-high load door can be opened independently with full height clearance
(Above Left & Right) Custom designed flap doors to fit around crane rail
Above - Left)  The lowering of the mullion and flap doors start the closing process.
All door components are out of the opening allowing the crane to move in & out without obstruction
(Above) The process of closing the ground-high load door
(Above) The process of closing the craneway door